The Van Diemen Project began in September 2016 with three people who wanted to change the way Tasmanian businesses were supported, to change the employment outcomes in our region, and contribute to making Tasmanian known for it’s successful start-up culture.

Originally The Van Diemen Project was formed to deliver relevant business support through launching a business incubator in Northern Tasmania. The Van Diemen Project quickly recognised the wide range of business support that was offered in the region, and the gaps across the service – no matter what stage they are up to. With this information in hand, The Van Diemen Project has developed a range of support services that help people along their business journey, stepping up at each stage with relevant advice and support to empower them and do great things.

Since starting, The Van Diemen Project has helped over 2000 individuals and businesses with real and relevant business advice, support to starting their own business, helping regions and communities and much more. The Van Diemen Project has also been recognised for their work with a range of awards, including;

  • 2018 & 2019 Top 100 Coolest Companies, by Anthill
  • 2018 Best Regional Small Business, at the 8point8 Wave Awards.
  • 2018 Startup Entrepreneur, at the Launceston Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards.
  • 2018 Runner Up, Most Innovative Australian Business at the Business Innovation Incubator Awards.
  • 2018 Top Ten Cool Microbusinesses, by Anthill.
  • 2016 Innovative Startup Award, at the Innovative Tasmania Awards


We are not in it for the awards though – everything we do is focused on empowering Tasmanians to do great things.

How Can You Help Me?

No matter where you are in business, we’re here to help empower Tasmanians to do great things – and to get started, just click here!

Meet The Van Diemen Project Team

Chris Davis, Director

Chris has experience spanning more than 30 years in business planning, business solutions and finance, both running and advising businesses in any number of fields. An advisor & director with diverse industry background, Chris is entrepreneurial by nature, both in the establishment of new business ventures and in developing and implementing new ideas or introducing smarter ways to do business. With extensive exposure to products and services, bringing a broad range of skills, knowledge and experience to clients, Chris is particularly skilled in identifying and developing new opportunities. This broad range includes as a director and board adviser, delivering commercially astute solutions, entrepreneurial advice, facilitating workshops and programs, advising around governance, mentoring and much more.

Adam Mostogl, Director & Entrepreneurship Facilitator

With a range of experiences in many different industries across Tasmania, an education and design background as well many different opportunities to support people in business, Adam is excited by every opportunity to help people achieve their goals and dreams – and enjoys supporting them thrive. Adam has started multiple businesses in a range of fields, taught over 12,000 students across Australia how to start their own business and activate their entrepreneurial skills, supported hundreds of businesses embrace digital technology and marketing, facilitated international innovation processes to start new social enterprises, shared knowledge with organisations and communities across the world and much more.

Adam was Tasmania’s finalist in 2015 for Young Australian of the Year because of his passion for supporting entrepreneurship and community opportunities, and in 2017 was listed in the Top 30 Entrepreneurs under the age of 30 in Australia. Adam regularly shares his experiences and what he has learned over many years of business – and is excited to help more people turn their business ideas into reality.

Sarah Wells, Senior Advisor & Entrepreneurship Facilitator

Sarah has joined the Van Diemen Project team with an advanced level of knowledge and over five years’ experience business planning and marketing strategy with a unique digital skillset in paid and organic social media strategy, SEM (search engine marketing) and SEO (search engine optimisation). With a background in agency, Sarah has rolled out and managed many successful business and marketing strategies for Tasmanian businesses in a broad range of industries.  Creating clever content that ranks in Google searches, rolling out high level campaigns from ideation through to delivery, and providing creative direction for branded collateral and digital assets is what she loves most. A confident communicator, Sarah has previously been a business and marketing coach for the Digital Ready Program, delivering workshops and one on one tailored mentoring sessions to hundreds of businesses across the state. You will also find Sarah chatting away in meetings and mentoring sessions with clients, understanding their needs, helping them achieve their business goals and coming up with creative ideas to stand out amongst competitors.

With a passion and energy for helping businesses succeed, Sarah is a proud Tasmanian and an advocate for the unique experiences, people and culture that the State has to offer the rest of the world!

Vicky Matulic, Administration Manager

Vicky brings her high-level proficiency in organising and planning to the project. She will be responsible in ensuring the production high quality of work occurs on time. Vicky possess a significant degree of professionalism and dedication to exceptional quality. With degrees in Business and Accounting her major strengths include good time management and priority setting skills. Vicky applies her problem solving and administration skills across the project.

Michelle Lutan, Marketing Officer

Forever a free food enthusiast, Michelle is the go-to person at The Van Diemen Project for all things design and creative related. As a recent UTAS’ Bachelor of Business graduate who majored in Marketing, it only makes sense for Michelle to fill in the role of a Marketing Officer. Michelle specialises in customer service, graphic design, social media management and content media creation. Prior to VDP, Michelle interned as a graphic designer for Warung Pintar, a micro-retail tech company based in Jakarta, created merchandise for a non-profit animal welfare organisation, and volunteered as the Marketing Director for Business and Economics Student Society Tasmania (BESST).

Subject Matter Experts

In addition to our core team, we have a range of Subject Matter Experts in our network that we can refer you to for specialised support. With a range of experiences and industries covered in our Subject Matter Expert network, they can help to provide specific advice and support along your business journey, helping build onto what The Van Diemen Project team already offers. Every single expert is passionate about helping businesses, have over 20 years experience in their field or a Master Level qualification – and often, both!

Our experts include fields and industries such as architecture, hospitality, marketing, technology, export, cyber security, accounting, IP and much more. To access their support, you need to be already meeting with The Van Diemen Project as we will help match you to the right expert to meet with, depending on your background and what your business is looking to do.


Have questions, queries, comments? Want help solving a problem? The best way to get in touch with us is via this form. It goes to a shared inbox so you’ll have three people ready and raring to get back to you. 

The information we collect on this form simply gives us the best idea of how we can help you and what information we need to get you there. 

Of course, you can give us a call on 03 6349 1919, Monday to Friday 9 to 5. 


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