Tailored Advice With An Expert For Meaningful Impact.


Whether you’re just starting your business and need help with the planning phase, you’re hiring your first employee, you’re not quite getting the return you would expect, or you’re looking to diversify – we can help. And while we have a range of programs that we offer with specific focus areas or time limitations, we can also build a bespoke offering to get in deep with your business or organisation and help drive change for the future.

 Not only does our team have decades of experience in business across Australia, they are constantly updating their knowledge through training, network and lived experience, as well as bringing the right Subject Matter Experts to the table to help drive you forward.

 Let’s empower you to make and lead meaningful change.

What Help Is Available?

Firstly, we’re passionate about empowering Tasmanian businesses – so we’ll help out the best way we can! The Van Diemen Project can provide targeted business advice, training, or support from focused meetings to get into a specific issue with two skilled subject matter experts all the way through to developing up projects to help implement and support change within your business where we can partner, support and collaborate to see the best outcomes in your business.

 Below is just some of the ways we have helped businesses, organisations and communities through these types of projects;

  • Full Business Reviews, whether you are ensuring the business is as agile as possible, adapting to changing circumstances or preparing for the next big leap, leverage Subject Matter Experts to analyse where you are and where you can be for the future with focused advice, actions and training.
  • Financial, Business & Marketing Planning, helping analyse new opportunities or existing businesses to understand the future strategic direction you can take.
  • Governance Advice, helping a range of organisations and boards around documentation, training and advisory support to ensure there is strong leadership.
  • Staff Management, providing advice and support to businesses to put in place best practice employment processes in place.
  • And much more!

 With every single expert is passionate about helping businesses, have over 20 years experience in their field or a Master Level qualification (and often both!), you will find their insights and experience will help open new opportunities for your organisation with actionable business advice, support and guidance for the future.


Have questions, queries, comments? Want help solving a problem? The best way to get in touch with us is via this form. It goes to a shared inbox so you’ll have three people ready and raring to get back to you. 

The information we collect on this form simply gives us the best idea of how we can help you and what information we need to get you there. 

Of course, you can give us a call on 03 6349 1919, Monday to Friday 9 to 5. 


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