Business Bootcamp

Get set for success with our Business Bootcamp. Our two-day, intensive program will provide you with the practical tips, tools and techniques you need to start, scale and grow a business. We realise that as an entrepreneur or small business owner time is valuable, so during the course you’ll be working on YOUR business or business idea. We follow up the Bootcamp with tailored, one-on-one support to help you apply what you’ve learned.

What We Cover

Day One is ‘Know Your Business,’ validating & testing your idea, business planning and finance – everything you need to plan for success. It is a great opportunity to take a step back and work on your business rather than in it.

Day Two is ‘Know Your Customer’, covering everything you need to understand and talk to your customers and turn them into loyal fans. This includes, marketing strategy, market research, building a brand, digital tools and pitching.

Who Can Participate?

Idea Nursery

 Do you have an idea that you wish to develop? This program can help centre your thoughts, focus on the numbers, build a detailed business plan and take your idea to the next level. You will work through areas such as business cost analysis, profit and loss forecasts; identify your core markets and sell your product. Our Bootcamp program provides an Idea Nursery that will give your seed of an idea the best chance to grow from a start-up into a successful business.

Business Health Check

If you are already in business you will benefit from this program. Smart people service their car to ensure optimal performance on the road; a Business Health Check is what smart people do with their business. This Bootcamp can identify areas of waste in your business, open up new areas for growth and provide a true cost benefit analysis of your whole business. We invite you to join our Bootcamp program and enhance your quality of life.


Practical Business Content

Core business skills will be presented and we’ll give you practical tools & templates. Most importantly, you’ll have time to apply them to your own business with the expert guidance of our experienced facilitators.

One on One Mentoring

It’s tough to turn ideas into real actions and results, but with our bootcamps you’re not alone on this journey. We’ll provide one-on-one mentoring and advice afterwards to support you and your business.

Local Business Networks

Learning in a group environment in your own region gives you an amazing opportunity to meet and share with other local business owners. In our experience, you can learn as much from each other as you learn from us! 

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