If you have always dreamed of being self-employed, have an idea to start your own business, or have recently launched your startup, PROPEL has the tools and resources to help you get started successfully. Find out why you should carve out five days to propel your business forward.

What is it?

Propel Business Incubator is a five-day intensive program, providing a launching point for you to start your business with confidence and clout. Supplying participants with networks, knowledge, tools and resources that allow continued development of themselves and their businesses over the coming weeks and months. The aim is to instil confidence in individuals and communities at large through investment in innovation and upskilling Tasmanians for the future of work.

How do we do that?

We designed the program to be delivered by any number of local subject matter experts, divided into 18 interactive sessions covering the fundamentals of business content. Logically split over the five days, this course thoroughly covers core concepts from compliance to digital tools to pitching.

We have run this program in three totally different Local Government Areas across Tasmania, and have had the pleasure of operating in collaboration with at least 10 different local business people across these programs.


Created for Tasmanians

While core business skills don’t change quickly, we remain flexible so we are delving into topics that are applicable to today’s Tasmanian business climate. We create all our own content, based on the most recent research and on our combined expertise.

Tools and Tips

Getting your ideas out of your head and into a plan is crucial. It’s important to set the foundation correctly and avoid delving into things that may be superfluous to your needs. We’ll guide you through some quality in-house tools to simplify it all – so you can create ongoing, meaningful strategy and actions.

Collaboration Between Participants

Propel enables collaboration and networking opportunities both between participants at different points in their business journey, and between participants and local business leaders, with ongoing support offered as a crucial factor in the startup phase.

I want to...

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