Entrepreneurship Facilitators Initiative

Thinking about creating your own career?

Taking the steps to work for yourself is an exciting and challenging journey – we can help you with the struggles so you come out on top. Read about what we do, and book an appointment today. 


What is it?

A great idea solves a problem that your customer needs solved, so when that idea hits you but you feel like you could use some mentoring to turn that idea into a fully-fledged business – give us a call. Subsidised by the Australian Government, (a completely free service for you!) the Entrepreneurship Facilitators Initiative allows us to be there to support you throughout the process of starting and running your own small business, with what we know and who we know. Our Entrepreneurship Facilitators – Adam & Chris – provides practical assistance to support and encourage you to start and build your business.

One-on-one Mentoring

Adam & Chris are focused on helping prepare you for your entrepreneurial journey – and will share their experience and knowledge to assist. Having started over 10 businesses between the two of them in a range of different industries, their knowledge is combined with their passion to help people take control of their future with businesses. And with a range of flexible meeting options, they can meet you in Launceston, regularly travel around North East Tasmania to visit if you live somewhere else, as well as meet through digital platforms. Simply get in touch and we’ll see how we can help you to get started!


Access to Other Services

We’ve got connections to so many different networks of people who make it their business to help yours. We can link you up with people and services to get your show on the road, or give it a paddle when you’re up the creek.

Tools and Tips

Focus is a major barrier for some – choosing your idea, making decisions and running with them is tough especially when you could do with a sounding board. Not to mention getting your ideas out of your head and into a plan. We’ll guide you through some quality in-house tools to simplify it all.

Events Created For You

We’ve had the pleasure of seeing over 300 entrepreneurs one on one – meaning that we have a unique understanding of the skills you’d all like to polish up. We also have a good amount of research behind us here, and we strive to create unique, practical events that make things click for you. Nab your ticket for upcoming events here.

The Five Key Elements of Being or Having a Great Mentor


Listen attentively and provide structure, feedback and direction including holding the mentee accountable.


Share own real life experiences which are relevant to the mentee situation or goals.


Question the mentee preconceptions of self and approach to situations:provoke towards highest standards and ambitions.


Encourage the mentee to be clear about their rationale for their decisions and their philosophy underpinning their practice or career goals.


Value and validate the mentee.

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