Free Support To Start Your Business

Through the support of the Australian Government, the Entrepreneurship Facilitator program delivered by The Van Diemen Project offers free help to anyone wanting to start a business in Northern Tasmania. Whether you are pondering a couple of ideas, wondering which passion or interest could become a business, or have a concept and want to run it past someone to help work out the next steps – we’re here to help!

What Help Do I get Access To?

Our experienced Entrepreneurship Facilitators team are focused on helping prepare you and your idea for the journey of starting your own business – and have the skills and insights to assist. Having started over 10 businesses between the two of them across a range of industries, their knowledge is combined with their passion to help people take control of their future through starting a business or simply just creating your own side hustle.

The focus is on individualised support, where our facilitators meet with you one on one and help understand how far along are you towards starting your business, and how they can help you overcome any barriers or share their knowledge to help you get to the next step. As the support is funded by the Australian Government, there is no limitation around how much time you can spend with a facilitator – it could be just a one-off conversation to get the ball rolling and look at what you are doing differently, or a series of meetings over months to work through the ideas you have to get one ready to launch. The meetings can be in-person, either in our office in Launceston or in your town when we are travelling around North East Tasmania, or we can even meet over the phone or using video conference platforms to be as flexible as we can for you. Simply get in touch and let’s help you start the journey together.

Outside of the mentoring, we run a range of business events and workshops to help you learn the basics of starting and running your own business. This can include helping you refine your idea to focus on one idea that you can turn into a business, understanding financials, running a business from a regional location and much more. To find out what events are coming up that you can attend in person or online, have a look at our Events page.

No matter where you are in the journey of starting a business, simply get in touch and we will help you on your way.

Meet The Entrepreneurship Facilitators

Adam Mostogl

With a range of experiences in many different industries across Tasmania, an education and design background as well many different opportunities to support people in business, Adam is excited by every opportunity to help people achieve their goals and dreams – and enjoys supporting them thrive. Adam has started multiple businesses in a range of fields, taught over 12,000 students across Australia how to start their own business and activate their entrepreneurial skills, supported hundreds of businesses embrace digital technology and marketing, facilitated international innovation processes to start new social enterprises, shared knowledge with organisations and communities across the world and much more.

 Adam was Tasmania’s finalist in 2015 for Young Australian of the Year because of his passion for supporting entrepreneurship and community opportunities, and in 2017 was listed in the Top 30 Entrepreneurs under the age of 30 in Australia. Adam regularly shares his experiences and what he has learned over many years of business – and is excited to help more people turn their business ideas into reality.


Have questions, queries, comments? Want help solving a problem? The best way to get in touch with us is via this form. It goes to a shared inbox so you’ll have three people ready and raring to get back to you. 

The information we collect on this form simply gives us the best idea of how we can help you and what information we need to get you there. 

Of course, you can give us a call on 03 6349 1919, Monday to Friday 9 to 5. 


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